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Vulkon Orlando, FL

November 15-17, 2002

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Featuring appearances by Douglas Arthurs (Stargate SG-1, Highlander), Avery Brooks (Star Trek: Deep Space 9), Glenn Shadix (Hercules, Beetlejuice), Jack Stauffer (Battlestar Galactica; All My Children), Alan Ruck (Star Trek: Generations; Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Manu Intiraymi (Star Trek: Voyager), Jerry Doyle (Babylon 5) and Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon 5). Of course, these actors have all appeared in many other tv series and movies, but I’ve listed the ones that many fans remember them from.

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Douglas Arthurs
Stargate SG-1

Corin Nemec (Jonas Quinn) was originally scheduled to attend this Vulkon. We were looking forward to seeing him again, hoping to hear some tidbits about upcoming “Stargate” episodes and the just announced seventh season. Alas, he had to cancel at the last minute due to an upcoming film role. I managed to talk to Gary Hasson from Lightspeed Fine Arts several times over the course of the convention and he gave me a few tidbits about upcoming events. He said that he (Gary) even got to appear in a little cameo in the upcoming episode “Smoke and Mirrors.” He also said that they are working hard on some new merchandise, including a 200 picture CD and a special hard box for the new membership kits (for the official Stargate fan club). He promised there would be more Daniel merchandise, but he couldn’t say how much. I asked him if he knew any details about Corin’s involvement in the 7th season of Stargate and he did not. But he did offer to phone Corin for me to find out. On Sunday, the information I got was basically that things are still up in the air. Corin does not know exactly how many episodes he will be appearing in yet. It could be five or ten or who knows? So, nothing definitive there. Gary says that he is hoping Corin will be able to attend the upcoming Vulkon in Tampa in May. (Teryl Rothery is currently scheduled to be a Stargate guest at that convention so I don’t know if this means both Corin and Teryl will be there or only one of them.)

Douglas Arthurs, who played the Goa’uld, Her’ur, in a number of episodes, did come to the convention in Corin’s place. Leah and I were thrilled as Douglas Arthurs is one of the Stargate actors we had never met before and he also had guest-starred on an episode of Highlander (The Watchers). He proved to be not merely personable, but incredibly over the top friendly. In fact, I think he is the anti-Goa’uld! He had no sooner met us Saturday morning in the autograph room than he was grabbing us in big hugs. He told us that all of Her’ur’s friends actually call him “Huey” and that he was well-known as “the cuddly one.”

The hugging and snuggling Saturday morning was only the beginning of a weekend of “Her’ur” trying to prove that he really is a nice guy, at heart! I asked Douglas when he was going to talk on stage since he was the only one of the guests who wasn’t listed on the schedule. He said he didn’t know, so I went to talk to the convention folks. They couldn’t give me an answer, either. My friend Michelle, who works at all of the Vulkons, also tried to find out for me. Sean, who runs the programming, kindly said he would try to get Douglas on the schedule some time on Sunday. Alas, it never happened.

We did have a nice dinner Saturday night with all of the guests, including Douglas, in attendance. We were seated at Douglas’ table and he was quite a bit “fashionably” late arriving. Michelle told me she’d passed him in the lobby and he had told her he was going for a run but that he would be in to dinner soon. While we waited, we all fooled around with a photo of Her’ur propped up in Douglas’ place. We even got him a plate of food! (See photo above of Douglas after he arrived, posing with the photo.) At one point, we had Joe Motes, the organizer of Vulkon, pose with the picture, as well. (How much for me not to post the photo, Joe? <g>) We shared some great conversation over dinner, mostly about Vancouver (Leah and I had just been up there for Gatecon) and the surrounding areas. Douglas said he’d very much like to attend Gatecon next year, by the way.

After dinner, Jerry Doyle went next door to do some rather raunchy stand-up, leaving Bruce Boxleitner surrounded by people, mostly women, wanting their picture with him. Alas, Leah had absconded to listen to Jerry, but one of the fellows at our table took some photos of me with “Her’ur.”

On Sunday, Michelle had given Douglas a little tour of the art show and shown him Leah’s huge panel of cartoons. Leah had four pieces go to auction and sold eleven or twelve pieces overall… more than half of what she had brought. Not bad, considering it was the first time Vulkon had had an art show. The art show seemed really popular and always had people wandering through it. Patrick and his wife did an absolutely fabulous job setting everything up and running it throughout the convention.

In any case, Michelle told Douglas that Leah and I were big fans of his. He wandered by about then and she told him I was one of the people she had been telling him about. More hugging ensued. I did not protest.

Leah was busy in the art auction, so I took the opportunity to talk to Douglas for awhile since it was early yet and the autograph room wasn’t busy. He was very interested in Leah’s cartoons and wondered when she was going to draw one of him.

I thought about it for a bit, came up with a rough idea for a cartoon, knowing full well that Leah would be able to punch it up into something funny…and went off to talk Leah into doing it. The concept sketch was done in no time and we went back to present it to Douglas (see below). He loved it and promptly signed it. The finished cartoon is, of course, at the top of the page. I was disappointed that Douglas never got to talk on stage, but it was great to meet him and have an opportunity to talk. If you’re reading this, “Huey,” I hope you like the finished cartoon!

Avery Brooks
Star Trek: Deep Space 9

Avery Brooks was the big Star Trek guest for this convention and the crowd was quite large by the time he arrived for his talk late Saturday afternoon. He is a lovely man with an absolutely divine voice.

I didn’t take any notes during Avery’s talk, but I remember him saying that he stays in touch with the young man who played his son (sorry, I don’t know how to spell the actor’s name) and that he continues to have a father/son like bond with him. He isn’t really working much these days because he has chosen not to have an agent or a manager.

Avery talked quite a bit about working on Spenser for Hire and how much he enjoyed that role. He said that he would be happy to reprise his role on Deep Space Nine but seemed to doubt it would happen. He was not too happy with the way the show ended and felt like they had basically killed off Sisko. They told him they had made Sisko a “god,” but Avery maintained he would rather be able to watch his children grow up and hug them. After seeing so many of my favorite characters on shows killed off or “ascended” or whatever over the last few years, I have to agree with Avery. I’d rather my favorite fictional characters remain alive and kicking.

Jack Stauffer, Me & Bojay’s Battlestar Galactica coat

Glenn Shadix, Alan Ruck, Manu Intiraymi and Jack Stauffer

The moment I saw Glenn Shadix, I recognized him. Typhon the giant from Hercules! Cool! He was also in Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas. I believe he said this was his first convention. You’d never know it from the talk he gave Saturday afternoon. He seemed perfectly at ease with the audience and very personable.

He explained that the way they filmed him as the giant on Hercules was they put the camera up real close to him and then Kevin Sorbo would stand about 25 feet away and they would both act like they were right close together. So, the illusion was given that Typhon was a giant.

Jack Stauffer was a real treat to meet. We saw a bit of his cabaret performance Friday night, coming in on the tail end of it. He has a great voice and you can tell he’s done a lot of musical theater. He seemed very familiar to me, but I wasn’t sure who he was. On Saturday, in the autograph room, the mystery was solved. He played the original Chuck Tyler on All My Children! When I was a kid, I used to watch All My Children and was hooked on the whole Phil (Richard Hatch), Chuck and Tara triangle. Jack had gone on to a recurring role on Battlestar Galactica, once again paired up with Richard Hatch! Jack was accompanied by his lovely wife and she and I spent a few moments waxing poetical over Phil and Chuck and the like while Jack looked on indulgently. Turns out she was a longtime All My Children fan in her own right, long before she met Jack! She told me she met him in a bar. LOL. They have been married over twenty years, I believe I heard him say. I took my All My Children Anniversary book back on Sunday and Jack very kindly signed it for me!

Jack gave some details about the ongoing battle to remake Battlestar Galactica. He said that Sony offered to pay 40 million dollars for a remake and Universal said no! Currently, the project is sitting with the SciFi Channel where it is supposedly being “reimaged.” Jack, like Richard Hatch, said that he felt Battlestar was always a human endeavor, not just a scifi show. Like a lot of actors, he seemed to understand that great characters that the audience can care about are more important than the special effects. When asked what the fans could do, he urged everyone to just keep writing. He was blunt and said: “Raise the obnoxious factor – they’ll deal with you just to get rid of you. Keep writing. It will not just come to you.” He joked around but quoted “Galaxy Quest,” saying “Never give up; never surrender.”

He told us that Lorne Green was like a father to all of the cast. Very much a mentor and he set a good example for the younger actors.

Alan Ruck, of course, was in the Star Trek film, Generations, but I recognized him as Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. You can see from the photo below that he still has that quirky little grin!

Manu Intiraymi of Star Trek: Voyager, told us that his first name means “ancient festival of the sun in Peru.” Apparently, his parents are big hippies. He said that there have been rumors of a Voyager movie but producers don’t let the talent in on those things because then they’d have bargaining power. He apparently has done a guest shot on the TV show “24” where he mugs Kiefer Sutherland.

Bruce Boxleitner & Jerry Doyle
Babylon 5

Jerry Doyle entertained us Saturday night with an hour or two (dang, I lost track!) of raunchiness. The next day, he was claiming he was paying for it, but he still seemed to be in rare form. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at Bruce Boxleitner in the same light again, though.

Jerry told us quite a few funny stories on Sunday. When asked why he decided to go into acting, he said: “Chicks.” He told us numerous times about his woes and travails with women (Bruce didn’t miss a chance to tease him, either). Jerry claimed he always ended up giving his women a credit card and a house and then they left him! He talked about auditioning with Tracy Scoggins and how she got the role of Lockley. Apparently, he ended the scene by saying “Ah, bite me.” Tracy stopped, turned around, came back and said, “Mr. Garibaldi. I think I’m going to have to ask you to kiss my ass.” Jerry turned to JMS and said “I think we’ve got our gal.” He told us his favorite episode was the first one of the second season because he was in a coma, with no dialogue, and he got full salary! He said JMS told him it was his best acting, too.

Sunday afternoon finally brought the great treat of seeing Bruce Boxleitner on stage. Of course, we’d had the unexpected pleasure of seeing him at dinner the night before and then several hours watching Bruce and Jerry banter (with our mouths hanging open…when we weren’t laughing)…but this was his first “official” appearance at the convention.

Bruce went to great lengths to reassure everyone that he and his wife, Melissa Gilbert (who is currently the president of the Screen Actors Guild), were very happy together and that they were not separating. Apparently there had been some rumors floating around that they were parting ways. He seemed very upset by the idea and actually quite offended.

Bruce told us that out of all of the people he’s acted with over the years, he has stayed in touch with James Arness. He seemed very fond of Arness. He said that he hasn’t seen Kate Jackson since Scarecrow and Mrs. King ended and that, in fact, he thought she wasn’t very fond of him. He wasn’t quite sure why.

As you can see by my photos, Bruce doesn’t like to let go of the microphone. Hey, Bruce! If you’re out there, lower the mike so us poor photographers can snap pictures of your gorgeous face. *ahem*

Bruce said he was very disappointed that the spin-off of Babylon 5, Crusade, was written with all new characters and didn’t include any of the original Babylon 5 cast. He said that he thought they should have at least included Andreas (G’Kar), whom he praised, along with Peter Jurasik (Londo) as two of the best actors on the cast. He hastened to say that he thought everyone was lovely but that those two in particular were just great actors. He said that the thinking in Hollywood is often that the franchise alone will carry the day with no thought given to the characters that people have come to love and identify with (boy, where have I heard that before…).

When asked about the casting of Melissa Gilbert as Sheridan’s wife on Babylon 5, he explained that it was basically a bit of “stunt” casting, in the hope of buying the show a little publicity. But that Melissa also really did want to do it and had a lot of fun with it.

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