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May 30-June 1, 2003

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Interview with Teryl Rothery Our Stargate
The interview is now live!

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Teryl Rothery & Corin Nemec









Some tidbits from Teryl Rothery’s talk on Saturday. Beware of Season 7 spoilers! So far, they've filmed about 15 episodes this season. They are filming much faster than normal and often filming 2nd unit and 3rd unit even. Sometimes they are going from location to location, working on different episodes at the same time. She says they are scheduled to finish filming totally around mid-September and this is about a month earlier than normal.

She will be appearing in six or seven episodes this season that she knows of so far but hopes to do more.

She's heard "whispers" about an 8th season, but nothing concrete. She'd love to be in it. She's also heard "whispers" about a spin-off and a feature film, as well, though, so she said everything is really still up in the air right now.

She said Lifeboat was a wonderful episode written by Brad Wright that features both Fraiser and Daniel very heavily throughout. She described it as featuring mostly Janet and Daniel, actually. The Janet and Daniel fans will be happy to hear that!

There is an episode with Janet flirting with someone while she's eating fruit but she teased the audience and said "you'll have to watch to find out who" she flirts with.

She's done lots of voice over work for a number of different animated series and loves doing it.

Chris Judge once duct taped her to her chair moments before they were due on stage on they literally had to cut her out of it and redo her make-up because she was laughing so hard that she was crying.

Everyone loves Michael Shanks and is happy to have him back and they love Corin, too, so they're happy to have had the chance to work with both of them.

She first auditioned for the role of Sam Carter.

She has to stand on boxes a lot on set because she's so much shorter than the main cast.












Annie & Corin

Annie & Corin


Teryl shows off one of Leah’s cartoons of Janet & Daniel

Teryl shows off one of Leah’s cartoons of Janet & Daniel

Corin was still openly taken aback by all of the flashes going off, this being only his third appearance at a convention event (I believe). He took it all in good spirit, though, and laughed and began posing for us. He's very feckless looking with the longer hair, I must say.

His favorite episode to work on was "Nightwalkers." (He actually called it "Shadowplay," but he described "Nightwalkers.") He said he felt that was an episode where he and Amanda and Chris really began to come together and work as a team since they had to work with the absence of RDA. He really enjoyed working on that one...and he said the fact that they let him eat in the script was a plus.

When asked about practical jokes on the set, he said nothing in particular was perpetrated against him, but they did make it kind of a running joke to always be calling him "The New Guy" in various different ways.

His fondest memory of working on the show were the times he sat around in Chris Judge's trailer between takes just talking. He said Chris always lifted him up and made him laugh and he invariably left with a smile on his face.

He enjoys playing villains and loved working on The Stand.

He was asked about shooting guns on the show and he rhapsodized about the P-90. He said that he had done a lot of shooting of trees growing up (I think he said in Arkansas).

He mentioned how much he enjoyed meeting the fans and he made mention of the "Jonasarians" he had met in England recently. He doesn't really go on the internet very much but he has a cousin who does and who passes information to him. He said he's aware of the things, good and bad, that are often said about Jonas, but he mostly just wants to have a good time with his acting.





































Sunday was a much quieter day at the convention (as it usually is at a Vulkon). A lot of the attendees were there the day before and although there seemed to be a larger number of Stargate fans in the audience than I've often seen at Vulkons, the fact is that a lot of them seem to be viewers who watch in syndication so they often aren't as up-to-date on the show when it comes to asking questions, etc.

Corin and Teryl did their talk together on Sunday, though, and they were very cute together. Teryl told a long story about her crush on Patrick Stewart and about how star struck she was when she finally met him and worked with him on a film. She talked really fast, though, because they were running behind time and she wanted to allow time for Corin to talk, too. LOL. It was very cute. Corin was teasing her throughout and you can see a lot of that in the photos up above.

Teryl did reveal, when asked if either one of them was single, that she was engaged (congratulations, Teryl!) and that Corin was married. And that Corin had a child. Someone asked Corin if his child was a boy or a girl and he laughed and told them to "Ask her" (pointing at Teryl) since Teryl had answered the other questions.

Corin also told some stories about films he had worked on, especially Operation Dumbo Drop and working with the elephant. I hope to add a link to a transcript of the talk as soon as I have time to transcribe it!

MAJOR Season 7 Spoiler Alert: Teryl was asked about the rumor of Janet dying in S7 and she would only say "I can neither confirm nor deny that rumor."



Annie & Corin at dinner

Leah & Corin at dinner



The cartoon Corin and Michael Shanks signed


Mira Furlan







Michael Dorn






Michael Dorn checks out one of Leah’s Worf cartoons

If you’d like to see the Worf cartoon that Michael Dorn is signing above, hop on over to the Toonarama. It’s called I Feel Worf or something similar. I have to commend Joe Motes who runs the Vulkon conventions, btw. He always goes out of his way to make the fans feel right at home and to give them good value for their money. He’s usually running around like mad at these events and seems a bit rattled, but I’ve never seen him not stop to listen to someone with a complaint or a concern. One of our friends on staff told me it was okay to snap the photo of Michael Dorn above when he was signing Leah’s cartoon and I had missed the announcement that flash photography was only allowed from several rows away. Poor Michael Dorn was startled (but polite, I hasten to add) and Joe Motes chastised me … but he was so nice about it that I only felt embarrassed, not attacked.

Alexander Siddig





Judson Scott

We had an absolutely fascinating and lovely conversation at dinner Saturday night with Judson Scott. I was sitting right next to him and it was kind of funny. We got to talking about education and the state of Hollywood (with the Dumb and Dumber type shows). He was absolutely scathing in his criticism of a certain show (I won't name it; don't want to get the guy in trouble <g>) and about how they would literally tell actors to *mumble* more because they thought something was wrong with them if they actually spoke clearly and the like. He talked some about Wrath of Khan and how badly he wanted his character not to die by the end when he came on stage on Sunday. He made quite a “career” out of trying to prove his dead characters weren’t really dead, in fact, telling tales about others he had tried to resurrect. It was quite amusing. He’s working these days as a recurring character on the TV series “Charmed.”



Judson & Annie at dinner

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