Up Close and Personal with a “God”

Vulkon Orlando

March 2002

Orlando, Florida — March 23-24, 2002

Last Updated 11/20/2002

A great little convention featuring appearances by Peter Williams (Stargate SG-1), Rene Aberjenaois (Star Trek: Deep Space 9; Stargate SG-1), Kent McCord (Galactica 1980, Adam-12, Farscape, Seaquest), Herbert Jefferson (Battlestar Galactica), Armin Shimmerman (Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Stargate SG-1) and Barry Morse (Space 1999, The Fugitive). Of course, these actors have all appeared in many other tv series and movies, but I’ve listed the ones that many fans remember them from.

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The caption added by Apophis himself reads: Damn I look good in this photo!

Peter Williams
Stargate SG-1


I don’t usually include commentary on my photo pages for one reason: writing actual convention reports takes a lot of time and putting together the photo pages is enough work, in and of itself! This time I’m just going to include a few comments about what the actors had to say. In most cases, I didn’t take many notes, so this is just what I recall.

My significant other and I were lucky enough to run into Peter Williams early in the morning while he was checking out the breakfast buffet. We chatted a little bit. Some of what he talked about he later reiterated on stage, so I see nothing wrong with telling you that he was very unhappy with the way Apophis was written out of Stargate in the first episode of the 5th season. He understood why they might want to finally kill off the bad guy who had been around since the pilot episode, but he just thought the manner of doing so was very lame (and we agreed with him). He felt that there should have been some resolution to the ongoing tensions between Apophis and Teal’c and especially between Apophis and Daniel Jackson. Later, on stage, he commented that he hoped there would be less replicators in the show. He also shared that Peter DeLuise will soon be getting married to his girlfriend Anne Marie Loder (who guest starred in the episode “The Other Side”… coincidentally, that was the same episode that Rene Auberjonois also appeared in). We told Peter that many fans call Peter DeLuise “The Living God known as Peter DeLuise” and he found that quite funny, especially when I made the suggestion that PDL should be a “Goa’uld”!

We later saw Peter in the autograph lines and his table was looking very popular. The line was getting long! He was chatting and seemed to be having a good time. We asked him if he was coming to Gatecon this year and he said “Yes, I’ve just gotten my invitation.” We talked some then about last year and how crazy he got and he admitted that there were pictures of his naked chest all over the internet. I admitted that some of them were mine! He lifted up his shirt and gave everyone a cheap thrill by flashing us at that point. While we waited in line, he was signing someone’s poster and making a big deal out of putting comments on it. My SO commented that “Gods are such high maintenance!” and he was quite tickled by that. When I asked him to sign my Gatecon calendar, I pointed out that he was “Mr. February,” so he signed the photo as “Mr. February.” He told us that the Apophis photo I gave him to sign was one of his favorites, so he added a comment on it (which you can see above). I also had a copy of Thomasina Gibson’s Guide to Stargate book (available in the UK) for him to sign. He told us that the list in the book “Things to remember to pack on my next mission…” on page 27 was written by him. He then did a reading of Apophis’ list for us!

At his panel, Peter was asked many of the usual questions and some interesting ones. He gave a little talk before he took questions and he tried to answer some of the questions he usually gets asked right up front. He pointed out that his eyes do not glow (although I have a photo below that begs to differ! LOL!). He explained how his voice is altered by flanging. I asked him if he’d ever worked with other Stargate actors on a different series and he said that he got his first big break in show business acting on MacGyver opposite Richard Dean Anderson! When asked if Apophis was well and truly dead, he said he didn’t know, but reiterated again that he didn’t care for the way the character had been written out. He then said: “I’m going to hitch a ride on www.savedanieljackson.com. In fact, here’s an idea for a domain name that’s available: www.savedanieljacksonandwhataboutapophis.com!” When asked if Sha’re would be back on the show, he said he didn’t think so, that she had been a character brought back mainly to be Apophis’ queen (which he enjoyed greatly) and once the character was killed off, there wasn’t much more to say. He did explain the actress now lives in LA (Vaitare Bandera) with the daughter she had with Michael Shanks.

Peter said that one of his favorite episodes of the show was “The Nox” (ironic, since Armin Shimmerman, the main Nox, was also a guest!). His favorite line as Apophis came from that episode. He acted it out, with his hand stretched out as he bellowed: “Fool! I will kill you!” LOL.


Apparently, Peter’s eyes do glow like a Goa’uld!




Rene Auberjonois and Armin Shimmerman
Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and Stargate SG-1


We only attended Vulkon on Saturday, so we weren’t expecting to see Armin Shimmerman. He made a surprise appearance near the end of Rene Auberjonois’ talk, though. He didn’t really answer questions. Just popped in to say hello and give a photo op! So, we were lucky that we got to see the Nox!

Rene Auberjonois talked a lot about various shows he’s been on over the years (in response to audience questions). There really wasn’t much talk of Star Trek. He told the audience quite often that they usually knew more than he did anyway! I did ask him about working on Stargate and a number of audience members seemed very interested. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much to say other than it was two years ago and he remembered Peter DeLuise directed “The Other Side.” He did mention that the producers had told him they really liked his character and would like to bring him back some time (how they would do that since he was supposedly killed, I don’t know!) but that was two years ago and he never heard from them since!



I never thought I’d be standing next to this man!

Kent McCord
Farscape, Galactica 1980, Adam-12, Seaquest


Kent McCord is one of those actors that I’ve loved for what seems like forever. I never thought I’d get to meet him. Coincidentally, we just watched our first episode of Farscape last week and he was in it playing Crichton’s father! He shared with the audience that he is in some of the episodes that haven’t aired in the US yet and that he will be coming back again. The series is filmed in Sydney, Australia and he told us about the lovely place they put him up there near the Sydney Opera House. He told the story of how he got the job on Farscape: he got a call at 2 in the morning from a producer friend asking him if he had a valid passport. He said yes and they asked him to come to Sydney and do Farscape. He left the next evening and of course arrived in Australia two days later (international date line). He got there, worked on the show and by the time he came home it was less than a week he was gone in days… but he’d been going over 100 hours, I believe he said. He also said he got to celebrate his birthday twice because of the dateline!

He also shared that Glen Larson had originally intended for him to have the lead role in Battlestar Galactica and he had been involved in the show from the beginning. The network didn’t want him, though, so he didn’t get to be on the show. Later, when it was revived as Galactica 1980, he finally got the lead role. Then the network screwed Larson over again by telling him that he would have to change his original concepts for Galactica and turn it into a “kid” show so they could air it in a special time slot set aside for that. So, lots of children were written into the scripts, including many of Larson’s own kids. The cost overruns were still bad (as they had been on the original show) and the show couldn’t sustain itself. The concept had been warped, anyway.

He told some funny stories about his days filming Adam-12 and how he even got pulled over by a cop who then recognized him and wouldn’t write him a ticket!





Herb Jefferson
Battlestar Galactica


I really loved Battlestar Galactica when I was a teenager, so it was quite a thrill to meet “Lt. Boomer.” Herb Jefferson wasn’t on the schedule to actually talk on stage, but Kent McCord invited him up during his talk and they shared that they are good friends. Kent’s wife actually works at the school that Herb’s kid attend.

Herb didn’t have very long to talk, really, although he also shared a few stories about being recognized from his various roles.





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