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The Infamous “Puff & Ruffle”
and “Wounded Lamb”

Last Updated 10/19/2010

Michael Shanks demonstrated (at the audience’s request) the Puff and Ruffle and Wounded Lamb on both days of the convention, so there are shots from both Saturday and Sunday here. The majority of Saturday and Sunday pictures are on the individual Q&A and/or Goofy Gallery and other pages, however.

For those who don’t know, the “Puff and Ruffle” is a story that was started by Amanda Tapping and Teryl Rothery at conventions some time ago. They maintained that the men on the Stargate set would always puff out their chests and “ruffle” their tail feathers whenever an attractive female guest star would come onto the set. At subsequent conventions, attendees began asking the fellows to demonstrate the “puff and ruffle.” The actors obliged and Michael Shanks in particular has turned it into quite an elaborate schtick. The fellows did strike back, however, maintaining that Teryl and Amanda responded to the “puff and ruffle” behavior on set by pulling a “wounded lamb” routine where they would sit and look wounded and hurt and sigh a lot because they were being ignored. A lot of the shots below aren’t really framed properly because Michael was running about the stage acting out the silliness so I didn’t have time to frame the shots. Also, the background of the stage was a light color so it has washed out on some of the scans. It is perfectly fine on the photos themselves but I have so many photos to scan I decided not to stop and color correct all the backgrounds. (Just in case you’re wondering why the background colors seem to vary.)

Discussion of the convention and con reports are posted on the Our Stargate Forum. There is also a transcript of Michael’s talks being posted.

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Hanging around the set…

Wow! Who’s that cute chick?


Howdy, Ma’am!

Can I show you around?

Meantime …

Feeling wounded …






Puffing up…


Up go the feathers…












Reprints of photos with code numbers are available. Order details are at our Photo Order site. Links to our other photo sites can be found at our main Ashton Press Photo Site.

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