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Discussion of the convention and con reports are posted on the Our Stargate Forum. There is also a transcript of Michael’s talks being posted.

The background of the stage was a light color so it has washed out on some of the scans. It is perfectly fine on the photos themselves but I have so many photos to scan I decided not to stop and color correct all the backgrounds. (Just in case you’re wondering why the background colors seem to vary.)

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Goofy Gallery

Is that a question in the back? Or a Dalek?

Ewww. Smells likes Rick’s socks.

Michael demonstrates the AU Hillbilly Daniel

Oma, get me out of here…

Born in the USA!!! I was BORN IN THE USA!! Oh, wait. BORN IN KAMLOOPS!

Who put that lemon juice in my glass?

Alan Ruck, Gary Graham & Mercedes McNab

Alan Ruck has arrived

Alan Ruck

Gary Graham

Gary Graham

Mercedes McNab

Mercedes McNab

Mercedes McNab

Mercedes McNab

Our Stargate Breakfast

The members of the Our Stargate Forum had made plans to get together at the convention and one of the things we wanted to do was have at least one “official” event where hopefully as many attendees as possible could attend. The Currents restaurant at the hotel set up a side room for us and we had about 15-20 members of the forum show up (some of us also had a lovely Italian dinner in the attached mall later on on Saturday, as well) for breakfast first thing Saturday morning. We introduced ourselves, talked, took photos, handed out copies of the Our Stargate free fanzine (more copies were handed out standing in line for the Michael Shanks photo session later on … and then we ran out!), cuddled Danny bear, and DJ let everyone pick slips of paper out of a big bag full of questions for Michael that had been gathered on the forum over the last month or two. I was amazed at how many forum members managed to get OS questions asked over the course of the two Q&A sessions!

Our lovely DJ at the Our Stargate breakfast




Our DJ cuddles Danny bear before absconding with him to Australia!

Daniel Bear in “bondage”!

Miscellaneous Stuff

This is a photo I took of Michael at Fan Odyssey. I just thought the way he autographed it was cute and funny and silly. He stared at it for a moment and (with no prompting from me, I might add) wrote “soft and soppy pic” on it.

On Saturday morning, we had the first of two photo sessions with Michael and he looked HOT and gorgeous. He seemed relaxed and happy. Michael gave me a lovely smile and said "Now there's a familiar face" and asked how I'd been, etc. Leah was next up. I waited for her to one side of the room. But she kept standing there and standing there and every once in awhile she and Michael would say something to each other ... and then they kept standing there and Michael would burst out laughing ... and then they’d stand there ... and I was getting peeved because, after all, Leah likes James Spader (she was even wearing a badge with James Spader as Daniel on it!). I'm the one who likes Michael best. :::pout::: Finally, they finish uped and I said "Leah! Stop hogging Michael Shanks!" Michael and everyone else started laughing. Leah came out and told me that the cameraman kept saying he had to redo the photo and Leah finally said to Michael "Life is good" and Michael just burst out laughing. She also told him we would see him in Paris ... but that we were there to see him ... and Notre Dame, of course!

Alas, all of our photos came out looking DayGlo Orange, for some reason. Even with color correction, the picture below is the best I could do. The photos on Sunday are a little cuter, but the color on them is even worse when I try to correct it. Blah.

Annie with Michael

Kelly took the "Dirty Laundry" cartoon she had bought from Leah to be signed. It was matted and all and when she set it down, Michael said "Is that for me?" and was apparently quite disappointed that it wasn't. She said she told him that the artist was further back in the line and might have a surprise for him, though! We did indeed have a packet with some cartoons for him but, alas, not the Dirty Laundry one. How was I to know he’d want a copy of that one? We came up a bit later and I told him he had co-authored the Jonas Fishie cartoon. He loved it and immediately launched into a new story from the set -- apparently the fish tank has done a disappearing number now and he says he noticed it was just gone one day. He asked what had happened to it and he acted out the crew making faces and saying "You don't want to know." For the original story of how Michael came to “co-author” this cartoon, you’ll have to hop on over to my Fan Odyssey report.

Then it was finally time to have him sign the Send Me an Angel Cartoon. He stared at it a moment after I handed it over to him and then said "Oh my god." I’m wondering if we should run and he suddenly says, obviously outraged, "I HAVE NO PENIS!!!" While I stared in shock, my jaw on the floor, Leah stuttered, "I was trying to be discreet." Michael added a caption for Daniel. Daniel is now saying "It's chilly." Johnny Yan had Michael sign the same naked Daniel cartoon later in the line and he was rather puzzled when he told us that Michael signed it "Where's my ...?" LOLOLOL

Reprints of photos with code numbers are available. Order details are at our Photo Order site. Links to our other photo sites can be found at our main Ashton Press Photo Site.

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