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Washington, D. C.  May 26-29, 2000

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Welcome to our Legacy 2000 convention pictures! Leah and I hope that you'll enjoy seeing the photos. The lighting was giving me a lot of trouble at this convention but I’ve done my best to pick out some photos for you to share! Some of our other photos (not shown here) will sometimes show up in our ongoing Ebay Memorabilia Auctions.

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Click on the small pictures below to bring up a larger version of the photo. We hope you agree with our choices of photos to share with you!

All photos are copyright to Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal, All Rights Reserved. Do not copy, reuse, alter, or manipulate in anyway without prior permission. Permission is given to link to this front page but not to individual photos. Please do not link without a proper credit. Please do not repost elsewhere without permission. Due to problems with photos being used and/or posted elsewhere, I have been forced to scan them at a much lower resolution and a higher compression.

Photo Montage

Check out this montage of some of my Peter Wingfield photos done by Elke Klare. It’s a large file, but I think you’ll enjoy it and find the download time is worthwhile.

The National Zoo

Friday morning and afternoon, before the convention really got underway, a lot of fans who arrived at Legacy early, went sightseeing. Since the zoo was within walking distance of the convention hotel, many fans, including a bunch from the PWFC, visited the animals! These are a few of the photos I took Friday morning. I hope you enjoy seeing them.


























Some “Just for Fun Photos

These photos are offered here “just for fun,” not for resale. Many of them have been manipulated in some way (cropped, enlarged, brightened, etc.). I had problems with the lighting at many points. My apologies, too, for the varying quality of the thumbnails. I was experimenting with different sizes and compression levels, etc.

The Donna & Gillian show

Donna & Gillian show off a director’s notebook from Prophecy

Dancing during the Rogues’ concert

Stan Kirsch looking very serious

Peter Wingfield looking very not serious

Peter Wingfield

Peter Wingfield

Stan Kirsch

Jim Byrnes & James Horan

Peter and “Mini-Methos.”

Peter Wingfield

Jim Byrnes during his concert

Peter Wingfield

Peter having his morning coffee… <g>

Peter at the auction

The bluesman

Peter on Saturday

 “Time for the 2 am feeding…”


Peter & Jim

Peter & Jim


Peter on Saturday during his panel with Jim

Peter & Jim



Jim Byrnes


Elizabeth was quite amused to hear that Amanda had known Richie so well…

Stan reads about Richie’s “fling” in Spain with Amanda

Bob “Vanna” Chapin

Bob “Vanna” Chapin threatening the gameboard

Bob “Vanna” Chapin during Legacy: The Game

F. Braun, Donna & Ginjer during Legacy: The Game

Peter looking thoughtful

Peter at the Methos Panel

Peter looking pensive during the Methos Panel

Peter’s reaction to Leah’s “baby” cartoon

Stan the Man

Stan lost his shirt and a jacket during the auction!

Lucky girl!

The Methos Panel

More of the Methos Panel

And yet more of the Methos panel

Elizabeth shows us Richie’s boxers with the little red hearts

Stan kissing a pillow for charity

Peter & Josepha Sherman selling “The Captive Soul.”

Peter doesn’t seem too happy about the flavor of Liz’s lipstick

Good blotting technique…

Bob Chapin & Adrian Ko: Guys with swords

Liz tells Jim a secret during his concert

Peter again…had enough yet?

“Here I am!”

Peter Wingfield expounding on something

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