Gatecon 2002

Day Four:

The Auction

Vancouver, B.C. Canada  September 12-15, 2002

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Warning! From this point on, there will be Season 6 and even movie and/or Season 7 spoilers to be found in the guest talks. These reports were written during the convention, for the most part, although I have tweaked them here and there with comments, corrections and/or updates and the like for the web page.

This page is loaded with pictures, so it’s a bit graphics heavy, even with mostly thumbnails posted here. I hope you enjoy seeing all of the crazy antics of the guests, though. This report isn’t very heavy on the reporting since I was kept pretty busy with the camera throughout the evening. I didn’t make near as many notes, but I’ll try to remember as much as possible with the pictures hopefully jogging my memory. I’ve added some bits since initially posting this report to the lists.

There was a surprise guest at the auction, right off the bat: Ron Halder (Chronos)! Also, Tony Amendola finally arrived. Others in attendance were Amanda, JR, Jay, Alexis, Colin, Corin, Sueann, Sarah, and Frida. JR retained his title as the “King” of the auction craziness, I think, although Colin gave him a good run for his money to be the most outrageous. I’ve noticed that JR does a lot of provoking of the other guests to get them to do silly things…while he sits back and laughs. Clever, sly devil that he is!


Ron Halder said to Amanda, all forlorn, "If they're selling my throne, does this mean I'm not coming back?" She patted him on the back and said, "No, baby, it just means you're downsizing." Alexis looked adorable in Daniel's boonie hat.

There was an embroidered Gatecon hanging auctioned and on the back side it had a label that said "Other side you fool."

The quilt and the throne



Amanda reassuring Ron Halder



Milling around before the auction



King JR!


Some of the auction items



Tony & Jay check out the goods







Amanda played Vanna to auction off a serpent staff head from Children of the Gods. Alexis shouted out "That was mine! I want that back!"

There was quite a bit of mayhem involving push-ups, sweating and cartwheeling. Corin was running up and down the main aisle, auctioning off one of Jonas’ shirts and he ended up in the front of the room doing push-ups. JR had the brilliant idea that all of the guests had to do cartwheels or somersaults, egged on by JR, of course. There was a Hathor wig to auction so of course Sueann was asked to wear it. She sounded exactly like Hathor as she said "I will, but only if you all kneel as you should."

Frida put on one of Daniel's shirts to auction it and was vamping up and down the aisles. JR called her "shameful Frida."

There was a “top-secret” SGC document auctioned and the prop book was all sealed up. Colin opened it up to show everyone and when there were some protests, he said “Hey! I work for the Pentagon! It’s okay!” He went on to say that it wasn’t proper to auction something sight unseen that way. I had to agree.

The Hathor Wig in a place of honor


Hathor Lives!







“I work for the Pentagon!”


Top secret info revealed!


“Vanna” Tapping


“Skaara” models Daniel’s boonie hat






Corin auctions the clothes off his back


Amanda: “I love my job!”



Everything’s a blur as Corin runs!



Shameless Frida in Daniel’s shirt


Concept art for Paradise Lost


Some props that were auctioned


The auction/raffle display


More of the display


And more of the display







There was a fan painting of Daniel and Colin offered to act out a scene with the painting if it went for a certain amount (of course, it did). So, Colin had Rowan hold the painting up in front of her face while he uttered "Damn it, Daniel!" and some other stuff (sorry, didn't write it down), but he ended by planting a big kiss on the painting once he was done (just how much had Colin had to drink before the auction? Or is he always this insane? <g>). Then Sueann put on the Hathor persona and asked the Daniel painting if he was the one who had rid her of the vile one called Ra and then she kissed it. Michael Shanks missed out on a lot of kissing that weekend, I’ve got to tell you. (Then again, perhaps he’s happy to have missed out on the Colin kissing him bits… Ahem.)

Ron sat in the Chronos throne and was of the opinion that "You'll feel like a god!" Frida lay across his lap and vamped it up for the crowd.

Unfortunately, the reserve bid was $1,100.00 and the throne was huge. No one thought they could get it home, so it got no bids! What a shame. I really think it was because most folks had flown to the convention and just couldn’t think about how they would get it home or how much the shipping would cost. Perhaps if MGM could have provided some kind of quote on the possible shipping costs, it might have provoked some bids. Also, I think if the reserve bid had been lower the throne might have, ironically, sold for much more than that!


“You’ll feel like a god!”



Frida tries to help sell the throne



The huge, gorgeous handmade quilt of Jack quotes by Becky Preen sold for $2,000.

There was a Jack doll and someone asked if his pants came down. Amanda said "I can't look in his pants! He's my commanding officer, for crying out loud!" They auctioned Michael Shanks' director chair and Amanda sat in it, pretending to be Michael: "I've got to shoot a scene with two Ricks. Damn!" It went for $610. The Daniel boonie hat (still modeled by Alexis Cruz, who looked adorable in it) sold for either $800 or $850. The pictograph from The First Ones for $270.

JR had some original artwork from his sister's book and Colin bid $200 for it then got into a bidding war with some others. It sold for $340 (with Colin agreeing to drop out). There was a side comment from Alexis during the auctioning of a pyramid painting that they called Daniel's pile of rocks or Skaara's bachelor pad. He said that Skaara was no longer a bachelor. (That provoked some speculation about Skaara and what’s going to happen in “Full Circle,” of course. Especially since Amanda made a cryptic remark about Skaara “disappearing” at the end of the episode.) Sueann Braun helped to sell O’Neill’s outfit from “Beneath the Surface” and Alexis showed off Teal’c’s golden tattoo. Someone offered to pay good money for a hug from Jay Acovone…provided he took his shirt off!

“Daniel’s Pile of Rocks”


Alexis shows off the painting


Becky’s quilt



Colin peeks over the top of the quilt



Teal’c’s tattoo


O’Neill’s outfit


“Damn! Two Ricks!”



Michael Shanks: Director


Prop from “The First Ones”



Jay obliges with a hug



Daniel's checked shirt from Holiday sold for $400. There’s a picture below of Sueann Braun modeling it. Hmmm. The thought of Hathor in one of Daniel’s shirts is kind of strange! At one point during the bidding they asked what it would take to raise the bid and the bidder said "Michael Shanks!" Daniel's shirt and BDU jacket from Double Jeopardy when Daniel was decapitated when for $1,100.00. Daniel's blue shirt was worn by Colin and Alexis was heckling him throughout. I have a cryptic note here about "Nipples calling your name." I forget what that was about. (Although, take a look at the photos and Colin wearing the blue shirt and showing off his nipples will put a picture to the thought!) The shirt sold for $750. Colin got a little crazy (and obscene) with some stuffed animals. Viewers beware when you click on some of the photos below!


Colin's movie Zachariah poster, press kit, a copy of the movie and Major Davis' Pentagon id from his early days playing Davis (saying his name was Michael Davis) sold for $300. Colin pointed out how this was a one-of-a-kind item because the series has now established, of course, that his first name is Paul. Originally, they hadn’t settled on a name for him. Of course, Colin doesn’t know how lucky he is that he got a first name. Witness poor Walter/Harriman/Norman Davis (and is he related to Paul Davis, I wonder?).

Before things got wild…



Colin struts his stuff


Colin shows off. Ahem.


Colin demonstrates that the stuffies are anatomically correct.


Colin plays matchmaker to some stuffies


Colin & his movie


JR isn’t sure what to make of Colin!






Amanda in Daniel’s jacket


“Hathor” in Daniel’s shirt



RDA's jacket and pants (two sets of them!) went for $1150, with Lisa (Silkrat) the lucky winner of one set. Unfortunately, I couldn’t snap a picture of Amanda and JR as they modeled right in front of Lisa because they were smack dab in front of us. Not only would the zoom have been right up their noses, but the flash probably would have blinded everyone concerned!

And that was it... they ran out of time. I desperately wanted to bid on a prop from “The Curse” that I’d been drooling over all weekend, but it was never auctioned. I hope it shows up somewhere else! I haven't listed everything, of course, just the items that went for a lot or that interested me or that had some craziness associated with them. Some of the “con virgin” guests looked stunned by the antics (like Ron and Corin), but they also seemed very amused and they all happily joined in with JR and Colin egging them on throughout.

Day Five – Bridge Studios


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