Gatecon 2002

Day Four:

Guest Panels

Vancouver, B.C. Canada  September 12-15, 2002

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Warning! From this point on, there will be Season 6 and even movie and/or Season 7 spoilers to be found in the guest talks. These reports were written during the convention, for the most part, although I have tweaked them here and there with comments, corrections and/or updates and the like for the web page.

Hello from Vancouver! We've survived Gatecon and it has survived us. I'm going to try to catch up on reporting somewhat tonight, so we rejoin Gatecon where I left off with the beginning of the Saturday morning panels. I was busy taking lots of photos, so my notes aren't complete by any means and I did not tape anything. So, I'll tell you what I can remember and others will hopefully be able to fill in more...

Things kicked off with silliness, of course, because the first guests on stage were Colin Cunningham and JR Bourne. Alan came out to announce the guests and suddenly there was a deep voice from off stage claiming to be "Alan's conscience" and warning him not to turn around. Then a hairy head appeared from behind one of the props. It was JR wearing a big hairy wig backwards. Colin’s head eventually popped up, too, wearing a scruffy blond wig. (See photos below.) There was a bit of silliness and finally the panel began. Colin was wearing a very sexy leather jacket and it turned out it was an actual piece of wardrobe from Big Sound and it had "sex" etched into it. Apparently, it was a jacket that JR had actually worn on the show. Early on, Colin jumped down into the audience and then paused with his hands up, waiting to once again be rushed by security. The security people were sitting to one side and I saw one of them laughing at his antics. I can't remember if I reported on it previously, but by this time Colin had refused security and was wandering around the convention unescorted.

Alan meets his conscience



Colin joins in



The jacket


JR reclaims “his” jacket











Amanda Tapping arrived and joined JR and Colin on stage for a bit.

Colin was asked why Major Davis waited for Daniel to confirm the order to blow up the sub with Jack and Teal'c (in Small Victories). Colin explained that it was felt that Daniel should have more to do in that particular scene and be more closely involved in the decision since it was his team members who were about to die. He also made a comment that Michael Shanks was one of the leads of the show so he wouldn't have had a job without the main characters. I don't remember his exact words, but that was about the gist of it. He said that although Major Davis might love SG-1, Daniel loved the people who were about to die, in essence.

Someone asked Colin to sing but instead he said he would like to "conduct" and he led the audience in singing "Row Row Row Your Boat." JR and Amanda joined in the madness for a bit.

JR made a phone call to his sister Kim and his niece, Maddy (who has cystic fibrosis), to fill Kim in on the fundraising efforts for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. He was selling and autographing copies of a children’s book Kim has written to help raise money for CCFF. Maddy told her Uncle JR that she was making a pair of binoculars so that she could see him in Vancouver (I think they live in Montreal, but unfortunately, that was something else I didn't write down). At that point in the con, $15,000.00 had been raised so far.

We learned (those of us who didn't know) that JR's real name is David Bourne, Jr.

Amanda told us about renovating her house. She described it as a house built by Papa Smurf on crack. She said they were finding all kinds of bizarre things as they had worked on it like the tile was laid over shag carpeting (!) which was laid over hardwood floors, a ceiling that had no beam holding it up, wiring that was spliced every which way, etc.

There was some comment about how did Colin feel kissing Ann Marie Loder (who has recently married Peter DeLuise). (I suppose Colin must have been in some show with Ann Marie but if it was mentioned, I don't have it in my notes.) He wondered if JR had ever kissed Ann Marie? Or if he had ever kissed Peter DeLuise, for that matter. (I may have Colin and JR backwards in this...I can't tell from my notes and they were bantering back and forth so rapidly sometimes...)

JR was asked how his sick dog was doing, but Colin interrupted and said he heard the question as "How's your knob?" JR immediately quipped, "A little tired." The dog was doing better, by the way.

Before they left the stage, Colin and JR agreed to pose with Gilda with a bumper sticker from San Antonio and she quipped: “Keep it clean, guys. This is for the San Antonia newspaper!”












JR calls Kim & Maddie




Colin, Gilder & JR


The next panel was Jay Acovone, Gary Jones and Don S. Davis. Don talked about visiting Cheyenne Mountain and Colorado Springs and said "I drank a lot."

Gary Jones responded with "Boozegate!" and Don came back with "I drink so I can have a hobby that matches my sex life." Don actually toured Cheyenne Mountain and said he was surprised it wasn't as large as the Stargate set or as elaborate. He commented, "I asked for guns and they would give me none."

Gary was asked about his son and he said that his little boy was two now and is very fond of Amanda Tapping's dog, Abby. He says its name all day long. Instead of "dog," he says "dobie," so he says "Abby's a dobie." Therefore, Gary claims, his son is an Abydonian!

Don said he's done a lot of artwork and a lot of traveling since the last Gatecon. He was asked when Jack and Hammond are going to be promoted. His answer: "Right now, we're just hoping to get renewed!" He then did seriously explain that they couldn't promote Jack and have him still leading SG-1. But Hammond could be promoted with no change in his assignment.

Gary talked about Davis' rank and said that one day the Air Force people said that Davis should have a lot more decorations (ribbons) on his uniform, so he suddenly had a lot more. He said he wondered what they were for and he made up some categories, including decorations for vacuuming the Gate, typing, and sewing. He'd love to go through the Gate, but who would operate it? Don doesn't know how. He did some hilarious imitations of Don as Hammond ordering the Gate opened and closed and so on.

Don likes comedy although he doesn't get to play those kinds of roles. His favorite character that he's played was a Private Eye named Donald Carstairs who was kind of crude. The character had a Hawaiian doll that dropped its grass skirt...and he drank a lot.

Gary said that the most unusual role he ever played was when he was booked to do a comedy routine on New Year's Eve 2000. It turned out it was for a party at Bill Gates'. Gary called him the "richest geek in the world." He quipped that the best place to be in the whole world on the eve of Y2K was definitely Bill Gates’ house!

Gary and Don are doing their own stunts in "Full Circle," which was being filmed right now. Don commented that Gary is catapulted across the room and Gary said "I get blown up." (Much speculation has ensued among the fans about what this might mean, of course!)

Don was asked about Colin's comments that Major Davis and General Hammond both wear pantyhose. Don wasn't fazed at all and said that he did wear pantyhose...and then he went on to tell us about how he used to do stunt riding (of horses)...about this point, Gary and Jay completely lost it. Jay said "I was at a con where Don put on a wig and lipstick!" (That was Gatecon last year.) Both of them started edging away. Don just ignored them and explained that when he did the stunt riding, he was given advice by a longtime rider that pantyhose help when you have saddle sores because they stop the friction. So he really did wear them!

Gary said he also used to do stunt riding but he got fired because he put the pantyhose on the horse!











The next panel was Frida Betrani, Sarah Douglas and Suanne Braun. They came out and began taking our pictures. Sarah Douglas commented that we all seemed so "normal." She said she'd just come from Dragoncon where she'd seen some very strange things so she was taken aback that the fans at this con were so normal looking (Dragoncon has a high proportion of people in costume the entire weekend). All three ladies piled into Chronos' throne (which was sitting on the stage) and posed. They all commented that they were "Gatecon virgins" and Frida said that JR had "deflowered" her the day before. Sarah pointed out that JR was a "virgin" on Stargate when he did his first episode with her and "I showed him how to do it."

Sueann talked about how she got into acting. The first role she ever played was at age 10 as "Annie" for two years. She was apparently the youngest actress to ever play the role. She sang a few snatches and her voice was lovely.

The Chronos throne






There were photo sessions again on Saturday and Leah and I got our pictures taken with everyone who was there. Don hugged us both and said "I'm in heaven; I don't want to move." (See the picture below.) He is such a charmer. He gave me a lovely kiss. Amanda noticed my "Got Daniel" button (made by the wonderful Chance) and found it very amusing.

After the photo sessions, I wandered into the dealer's room and found Colin, Peter Williams and Frida doing an impromptu autograph session for everyone. So, I got in line. For some reason, Colin was signing a lot of stuffed bears on the butt. Anyone know what that was about? He signed a photo I had of him as "I'm EEEEVIL" because I said he looked rather wicked in it and I reminded him he’d said he wanted to do a slasher film. Peter liked the photo I'd taken of him at Gatecon last year and commented about the Dragoncon photos I showed him that he'd seen them on my website. I asked him how the heck he'd already seen them so quickly and he told me that someone had sent him my website because they "questioned" the legality of me selling reprints of my photos. Quick lesson in copyright, folks. The photographer owns the copyright on the photo and the photos were taken of a celebrity in a public venue. I own the rights to them. But, hey, whoever you are, thanks for sharing my website address around. A lot of celebrities have their official sites linking to me nowadays and I just got another note from one of them regarding the Dragoncon site, wanting to link to us. Since photographing the average convention like Gatecon costs me about $700.00 in processing and film, not to mention the associated hours of work at the convention and afterwards scanning and building a website, it’s nice to get some recognition once in awhile. <g>

Amanda was signing autographs so we got in line for that. When we got inside, Corin Nemec had arrived. Leah had Amanda sign the descended naked Daniel cartoon and she just lost it laughing when she saw it. She held it up and read it to the crowd of fans waiting. She autographed it with the words "Yeah baby!" (Some of you might remember that Teryl had autographed it at Dragoncon with "Ohhhhh... Daniel!" Check out the Sunday panels site once it goes up for a picture of the autographed cartoon.) Corin asked Leah where it had come from and she said "Oh, someone drew it." I didn't let her get away with that, though. I told him that Leah drew it. I had a copy of the Neal Adams SciFi drawing and when I handed it to Corin to sign, he sighed and said "You know, this is the first time anybody's cartooned me." *Ahem* I didn't say anything. I don't know if he was being coy or if he really hasn't seen any of Leah's cartoons. He was very quiet, low-key and sweet, but friendly. He signed the postcard in tiny little print to make it fit just over himself. I had asked Leah to have him sign my Stargate book and he drew a little cartoon of himself inside with, as he said, the spiky hair. It's actually rather cute.

Peter Williams and Alexis Cruz were next up. My notes are kind of disjointed. I think I was already wearing out! So, here are some bits and pieces that I wrote down. They were asked what their favorite shows to watch were. Peter said Blind Date and 5th Wheel because he likes to just relax and watch something silly. Alexis was raised in The Bronx. Peter loves Bob Marley and his favorite song is "One Love." (I found that interesting because Peter often signs autographs with "One Love"). Peter talked some about a movie he was in, Big Yard, as a character called Merlin. Jerry Plunkett, who played Nem and Tuplo on Stargate, was also in Big Yard as Mr. White. (Coincidentally, we saw Plunkett in Suddenly Naked with Michael Shanks Sunday night!) Alexis loves gaming because he adores the role-playing...but he loves the storytelling aspect of it all most of all. The high school he attended in New York is the one that Fame was based on.





Corin Nemec was next up. He was wearing some absolutely hideous faded red-orange jeans, a white t-shirt, a red checked shirt and a Hawaiian lei. He commented that he didn't expect to get "leied" first thing when he came to the convention. One of the first questions someone hit him with was "boxers or briefs?" He didn't seem to understand the question at first but he caught on quickly. His answer? "Depends on the weather." He was asked about a 7th season and he said they didn't know but he had signed a 2 year contract with MGM. He didn't elaborate further, but I thought that was kind of strange since the 6th season was touted as the absolutely last one until fairly recently. (Speculation is that he was being considered for a role on Stargate: Atlantis when they signed him to a longer contract.)

He said when he was up for the role, they sent him some episodes to review and he remembered one of them was Solitudes. He loved the mythology. Since being cast in the role, he said he went back and watched them all and really enjoys the show. He was asked about Chris Judge and he said the man was "goofy."











Someone brought up Jonas' eating and Corin said it was his idea but that it has been toned down because the producers were starting to notice it in the dailies and freaking out. The banana scene in Descent was Corin's idea (one of the few Jonas scenes I actually liked and found funny, by the way). He said he proposed it to Peter DeLuis, Peter liked it, and it went in.

Like Colin, he was asked what he knows about Jonas that the rest of us don't. He simply said that was a question for the writers.

In Descent, he stayed underwater for close to two minutes. When asked about Michael Shanks/Daniel, he said he'd met Shanks and that he was a great guy and a wonderful actor. He can't replace Michael Shanks or Daniel, who was a fantastic character, and he wasn't trying to. Okay, someone else wrote this particular note and I'm not positive what it says (I was out of the room), but I think it says that he really does like to watch the weather channel in real life and also that he likes Spongebob Squarepants. (I later had this confirmed.) It goes on to say something about Jonas would feel fortunate to be able to see worldwide weather, not just his home planet. Corin was a Gatecon virgin, but apparently Bill Vigars (the show's publicist) had taken his Gatecon virgin badge and pinned it on a clapboard while they filmed recently, all unbeknownst to Corin (until the con). The ring Jonas wears is really Corin's grandfather's ring. It was the real thing in early episodes but they have now made a replica for him to wear on the show. He was asked about the Puff and Ruffle and the Wounded Lamb schticks but he'd never heard of them.

Amanda came out on stage and she was asked why Corin didn't know about the Puff and Ruffle. She said he just wasn't a Puff and Ruffle kind of guy although occasionally he would give someone a sly glance.



It was time for Corin to go and Amanda to start her talk. She told a hilarious story about Teryl trying to come up the steps of Amanda's trailer with coffee in one hand and her little dog in the other. She was in costume as Dr. Fraiser and her stethoscope got caught in the steps.

Someone asked her what her favorite pie was. Strawberry Rhubarb. At least today, she added. She commented that they call RDA "Maharishi Rick." (I thought that was cute.) She talked a bit about an episode "Paradise Lost" where Jack and Maybourne get stuck on a planet and it is Sam's fault. Maybourne gets her zat somehow. She says she is an absolute bitch throughout the episode, feeling guilty and responsible and near the end she breaks down in front of Teal'c, crying about how they had lost Daniel and now they were going to lose Jack and so on. Time ran tight and apparently they tried to cut that scene out. She said she really had to fight hard to insist that they film the scene and include it because she never would have played the rest of the episode so harsh if she hadn't known she was going to have that emotional breakdown at the end.

She was asked about Chris Judge, as some of the others had been, and she said he is a level beyond "goofy Jack." He's huge — never does anything half measure. He has the best laugh in the world. Chris wrote The Changeling with Brad Wright and she said it's their best episode ever.

Amanda didn't write anything this season. She said her ideas were all too esoteric to make good episodes (or so the producers told her). She'd like to direct if there is a 7th season. She made some comment about everything being up in the air and how none of them knew what to plan for the future. She said she wondered if she'd be moving to LA in October (Maybe they are planning to move production or was she just planning to move? Amanda didn’t elaborate.)

She talked about the last shot of Full Circle which they were just filming. She said the four of them were walking away from Skaara and RDA started talking, saying this could be the last shot of the series and shouldn't they do something a little more profound? Maybe they should skip or something? She said he is constantly forgetting Carter's name and having to stop and ask her "what's your name again?" Her favorite science is biology. She was asked which Sam she identifies with more, the one from Point of View or the military Sam. She said now it is the military Sam although at the time they filmed Point of View, she did identify more strongly with the non-military aspect.

She told some hilarious stories about Don S. Davis screwing up his lines and how he'll curse and then when he redoes them he keeps talking faster and faster and screwing up more and more...she said no one wants to be in a two shot with Don because it's hard to keep a straight face when that happens! She loves Carmen (Jacob Carter) and says he is always giving her fatherly advice, just as if he was really her father. He calls her "Sammy" and her own father always calls her "Sam."

She talked some about working with Peter Stebbins (from Jeremiah) who appeared in a couple of episodes as a Tok'ra. She said that recently the actress who plays Ingrid on Jeremiah was also on Stargate and that this actress has the same sort of sisterly relationship with Stebbings that Amanda, Christopher, Michael and Rick all still share.





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