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I wish I could have gotten more photos of the actual contestants. Alas, most of them came on stage, turned to the actors and then left so quickly, that I didn’t even have time to focus in on them! I did get this marvelous sequence of Nel and Wilma as Chaka and Daniel … and they won the contest, too!

Chaka & Daniel (aka Nel and Wilma)take the stage.

Uh-oh. That Unas has his eye on more than one “Daniel”!

Aw. He just wants to make friends. Symbiote, anyone?

See. Yummy. Michael doesn’t look too sure about it, though.

Well, the actors *were* pretty hungry, I’ve heard…




This one was an awfully happy Jaffa



A friend commented that Michael looks like an “evil elf” in this photo. I just think he looks sexy. <g>




Get your minds out of the gutter! They were huddling to decide the winners!

Oh, okay. I was being shallow again. But it *was* an important part of the contest!

The winners! Nel and Wilma as Unas and Daniel!

Chris seems a little frightened.

What’s the matter, Chris?? You look like you’ve never kissed an Unas before!!

JR doesn’t seem to have any problem having a kiss and hug with Wilma.







Reprints of photos with code numbers are available. Order details are at our Photo Order site. Links to our other photo sites can be found at our main Ashton Press Photo Site.

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