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Atlanta, GA
August 30 – September 2, 2002

Day Three

There was a rumour circulating apparently, that some of the Gatecon guests will only be appearing for one day at Gatecon. Since Teryl Rothery herself told me this on Saturday, I know it to be true. However, the reasons for them only appearing for one day seem to be open to wild speculation. Since I believe in going to the source, I did exactly that...

We spoke to Teryl Rothery, Peter Williams and Sarah Douglas, all of the Stargate guests attending DragonCon. All are coming to Gatecon. Sarah says she is coming in Thursday and will be there the entire convention. She is hoping to make it in time for the cocktail party and is really looking forward to it. She is a lovely lady. She said they are trying to produce a picture of her that's actually from Stargate for the convention.

Peter Williams' assistant called us over to his table and said that he wanted Leah to autograph the cartoon she had done of him. She went to get him and he came back and asked Leah to please sign the copy for him. (I told him it would cost $30, which got a laugh, especially when Leah looked at me and said "Who do you think I am? Kent McCord?") I told Leah to write something "pithy" so she signed it: "Pose before your artist!" Peter quite liked that. We asked him if he was coming to Gatecon and for how long because Teryl had said that some of them were only coming for one day. He said he would be there for TWO days of the convention. We asked him why some of them weren't coming for the entire time this year and he said: "To be honest, it's the money. It's what they will pay us for. I would have come for three days, but they didn't even ask me. They only asked me for two days."

When we spoke to Teryl yesterday, she seemed very disappointed that she would only be able to be there for one day and that it wasn't the same day as Don Davis. (Peter later commented that Don and Teryl are great friends.)

So, there you have it. Straight from the mouth of a "god."  If anyone says differently, they can take it up with the actors themselves. 

It was another long, eventful, fun-filled day here in Atlanta. Dragoncon has been inviting Leah to be a guest for three or four years now and this is the first year we've been able to actually make it. I'm so glad we came. We've had a blast. This convention truly has something for everyone. I highly recommend it, especially if you're a media fan and/or you like to meet some of the celebrities and get autographs *and* attend a very fannish convention with a huge dealer's room and art show at the same time.

Julie Caitlin Brown had given us a tip last month that the Marriott was the best hotel to stay in of the two "official" hotels (the Hyatt is the other one and is across the street). She was right. The Hyatt has all the panels and a lot of activity and is quite wild, especially at night. It's fun to visit, but I'm glad we're staying at the "quieter" Marriott. The art show, dealer's room, fan tables and exhibit hall are all in the Marriott and the elevators don't seem to be as overcrowded as at the Hyatt.

Anyway, just a little hint passed on to any of you who might be considering coming to the convention next year (and I highly recommend it...but if you collect autographs, bring lots of cash!).

The first thing we did today was head back to the Walk of Fame to pick up a few more autographs. I had a book written by Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica) that I'd forgotten to get signed. He happily autographed it (for no charge... there's a switch for a lot of these actors at this con!). Of course, he made sure to tell me that it was only for ME that the autograph was for free. What a charmer. Then we hopped over to visit Armin Shimmerman. I had the Gatecon SG-1 calendar from last year and had remembered there is a big photo of him as a Nox in it. He was thrilled to see it. He said he's always being asked for a photo of himself from Stargate but he doesn't have one. He wrote down the information about the MGM licensing division and so on in hopes that he can contact them and get a copy of the photo. We also got a photo of him as Snyder in Buffy and a copy of a novel he's written. He's just the sweetest nicest man. He's the anti-Quark! LOL. We also stopped by to have Teryl sign her photo in the calendar and she was asking about it, too. I would have thought she saw it last year at Gatecon but maybe she's forgotten about it by now with all of the conventions she's done in between!

I've already posted about the Gatecon attendance and Peter's request for Leah's autograph, so I'll move right along...

We wandered through the huge Exhibit Hall and Lightspeed has a big booth there. They were selling copies of the Stargate litho as well as many of their other art pieces. I'm acquainted with Ian, the fellow who was on duty (he's a good friend of a good friend kind of thing), but he was busy talking to some other fans, so we didn't get to say hello. I had hoped their other rep would be there (don't know his name) because I had a thing or two to say to him about his rude treatment of Stargate fans, especially the Daniel fans. He made quite a few comments at the convention that were completely out of line. Not exactly a good way to get people to sign up for the official fan club. I know that I won't be renewing my membership.

There were a lot of gaming and role-playing booths and some of them were handing out free posters (snagged a Buffy one!) and cards (snagged some SG-1 promo ones of Jack). There were also jewelry dealers and all sorts of tape and DVD dealers. I found a copy of a Japanimation DVD I'd been looking for and Leah bought me a beautiful mosaic ring.

We had to stop in the art show and check on Leah's panel, of course. She had bids on 17 pieces. Later, during Peter Williams panel, some fans showed up with two pieces that hadn't had bids (the Apophis one and the new Bra'tac one). They had grabbed them at the Quick Sale Price. So, I think all but four or so of Leah's pieces haven't sold (unless they got bids later today...we never got back before the art show closed since we were over at the Hyatt all evening).

We spent the rest of the day at the Hyatt, mostly in panels. We did pop into the guest suite for some refreshments and met an interesting author who is working on something to do with the "faces" on Mars. We met up with Ann Crispin there the other night and we were also regaled today by a wonderful Celtic band.

Ted Raimi had a panel that was "An Hour with Ted Raimi" and the man is quite insane. He was a hoot. Very expressive face. I can't wait to see how my photos came out. He is apparently appearing now in Odyssey 5 and it sounds like a recurring role. His first episode is this coming Friday. He was urging everyone to write to Showtime and say they love Odyssey 5 but they can't LIVE without Ted Raimi in it and that his appearance on their TV just makes their day. He also said that he had learned a long time ago to never argue with a Xena fan (and he acted out some very funny "fan encounters").

Next, we went to a panel hosted by Richard Hatch. Richard has made an actual Battlestar Galactica "trailer" for a script that he wanted to see produced as a new BG. The trailer really was a lot of fun and quite awesome, especially considering they did it on a shoestring budget and also about four or five years ago. He said they are working on an updated one and also one for an original show he is trying to get made called The Wars of Magellan. Jason Carter and Richard Lynch appeared in it (he showed us a hilarious behind the scenes feature for it). Hatch was, as always, very inspirational and very encouraging that folks should follow their dreams and really try to do something if they believed in it.

Peter Williams' panel was next. He was late but, of course, a "god" makes his own hours. <g> He said again that he has just filmed episode but that Apophis is still "dead." He talked at length about how he got into acting (his first paid gig was in a Foot Locker shoe salesman training film), the various places he lived growing up and such. He said he wished that Apophis had gone out in a big showdown with SG-1, preferably against either O'Neill (as the hero) or Daniel or Teal'c. He also talked about how MacGyver was one of his first big acting jobs. Brad Wright apparently started out at a show called Neon Rider where Peter Williams was a regular, so that is when they first met years ago. Peter said that he still loves Stargate and loves to come back for guest shots, but since they've killed him off, he's had to "move on" and, of course, look for other work. He doesn't watch the show anymore on a regular basis. He also said how much he loves coming to the conventions and talking to the fans and how great it has been to travel around the world.

The next panel was basically a gripe session about the changes in concept over the years at the SciFi Channel. I remember when they were first starting up the channel and all of the great plans they had for it. There was a man on the panel whose wife had worked for SciFi during those early days and he reiterated some of the things that SciFi had planned and even had the rights for. Unfortunately, USA Network bought them out early on and really didn't care about the SciFi format particularly, so most of the plans fell by the wayside.

The costume contest was held in the Hyatt during this time, so while we ate dinner in the restaurant in the lobby, we got to see a constant parade of costumes milling around or people coming in to eat. We managed to get a photo of a couple dressed up as Daniel and Amonet.

Tomorrow we have to get up early to check out and to attend a Babylon 5 "reunion" panel. A lot of the B5 and Crusade actors are here and we're really looking forward to seeing and photographing this panel. Unfortunately, it conflicts with Teryl Rothery's morning panel. :-( We figure we'll have another chance to see Teryl in a few weeks at Gatecon, so we're going to attend the B5 panel.

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