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Atlanta, GA
August 30 – September 2, 2002

Day One

We finally got our guest badges after a "tour" of most of the Marriott and the Hyatt hotels. No one who works at either of these hotels knows where anything is located in their own hotels, I swear. We got Leah's art show panels set up and met a lot of famous artists (Don Maitz, Alex Gray (and his wife...they are right next to us), and more. Had some fun discussions, especially with a jewelry artist. There is a private artist's reception tonight that we're looking forward to. I woke up with a horrible migraine and have been taking medicine all morning but it seems to finally be helping some. My lips are numb, anyway. ;-) Then we headed down to the dealer's room, got an escort to take us in, and found Mysti Frank and her crew. We'd run into them earlier, so we at least knew the table numbers. I dropped off the new zines, and all of the new calendars. Mysti and her helpers were screaming in laughter over the Stargate and Highlander cartoon calendars. One of her workers snatched up the Peter Wingfield calendar and was drooling over it while Mysti drooled over the Michael Shanks one. Something for everyone! Some of the other dealers finally came over to see what all the laughing was about and they had a laugh, too. So, hopefully the calendars will prove popular. Leah can tell you about all of the cursing and stuff that went on when I was putting them together and designing the new ones right before the convention. LOL. BTW, I did up special editions of the Stargate calendar for the con with the naked, descended Daniel in them along with a few different cartoons. I didn't have time to add the Bra'tac one, alas.

We saw something interesting in the art show, btw. One of the digital pieces of art being shown was a very stylized representation of what was obviously a Stargate, complete with a DHD of sorts and a pyramid in the background. This was by a pro artist (much of their other art was also featured). Written in big letters in the middle of the "Stargate" it said (I kid you not): OUT OF ORDER. I was dying laughing.

We had some private conversation with Peter Williams. He's just filmed an episode of the show. He said Apophis appears in a "ghostly" fashion. Don't know if he was being silly and there is an Apophis flashback or he really does appear somehow differently. We also gave him a copy of the Apophis cartoon Leah did. He said he'd downloaded a copy from our website recently. LOL. He pointed at Jonas (Corin Nemec) and said he'd just met him (presumably during filming) and that he was a very nice fellow. We told him we were sure that Nemec was indeed nice, we just don't care for the character he plays. We showed Teryl Rothery the descended Daniel cartoon since she is in it. Her expression when she first saw it is indescribable. (Very funny expression.) She then proceeded to giggle and show it to everyone around her (including David Allen Brooks who played Max -- the archeologist! -- on Babylon 5: Crusade). She kept poking Daniel's butt with one finger and making rude comments. ("He has a naked bum! Look at his naked bum!") She also explained to Brooks that there were little hearts over Janet's head because everyone thought that she and Daniel were "doing the nasty but it was all a lie." I later dared Leah to have her sign it, so we took it back and she laughingly autographed it with the words over Janet's head: "Ohhhhh.... Daniel". She was of the opinion that Michael Shanks would be happy to sign it. I'm sure she'll take tales home about it.

We've managed to meet a huge number of the Babylon 5 and Crusade cast all in one go and are quite overwhelmed. Peter Jurasik is here unexpectedly because Patricia Tallman cancelled. I loved Londo and he is a hoot in person. The funniest one by far, though is David Allen Brooks. He and Teryl were really hamming it up. I got some cute photos. We also met Peter Woodward, who is a sweetie. Leah got to talk to Tracy Scoggins some and thank her for the gift of the earrings last year at Reunion (she gave Leah a pair of sterling silver earrings that she wore as Cassandra in Highlander). She wrote all sorts of funny little notes to us all over the photos we had her autograph, including one that says "Annie: Make Her Let You Wear Them." This was because I told her that Leah never lets me wear the earrings! We have the artist's reception tonight yet. We tried to do the dealer's room but our feet have given out for now, although I did manage to snag some awesome t-shirts that have pyramids on them and they say "In Ra we Trust, all Others Pay Cash" using the Stargate type font.

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