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The guys reacting to Leah's cartoons of them.

"Greetings, Thibling!"

Peter to Anthony: "What were you thinking?!"

The t-shirt rather spoils the effect!

"You've been gone a long time from our band, haven't you, Brother?"

"A beer and a rare book store would be nice!"

Peter at one of the autograph sessions.

Val auctions off one of his paintings.

Anthony hugging Katherine Scarritt

Val pretending to be a fan just arrived from London!

Anthony running to the stage for his hug.

"Can I give you a present?"

Val reading to us…his babies.

Val: "I haven't had a good gallop in ages."

The first Q&A.

Peter at one of the Q&As.

Anthony & Christine at the Reverse Q&A.

Anthony shows us his sword.

Anthony rests on his sword.

Val and a sword!

John Lennon with a sword…oops, I mean Val!

Peter studies an Ivanhoe sword.

Peter and Val at the art auction.

James Horan and Anthony at the final Q&A.

Peter helping Anthony with his mike.

"That woman is waving a pair of boxers on a stick…I think she's one of yours, Peter."

Peter and Val acting out "Greetings, Brother."

Peter at a Q&A.

Anthony & Peter.

Val on stage.

"What did you think of the Double Quickening?"

Peter acting out "Essence of Methos."

Val at one of the Q&As.

"Kronos…oop ack!"

Peter hamming it up.

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